Setting up Kali Linux in Vmware

Setting up Kali Linux in Vmware

Written by : Nikhil (Techy Champ Youtube Channel Here)

Submitted as OCN (Online Course Nepal)

Setting up Kali Linux in Vmware

Hey Guys ! What’s up . Today im gonna teach you how you can install your favourite hacking os i.e Kali linux on your virtual machine . Ya, there are many ways availabe to install kali linux on virtual machine but trust me this one is the most easiest one πŸ™‚ . For this i’m gonna use vmware workstation and kali linux vmware image ( To install in virtual box you must download kali linux virtualbox image). Well that’s not a bigdeal to install a vmware or virtualbox for you guys ,so i hope you can download it yourself .Without wasting time let’s get started.

1. Visit with your favourite browser. I’ll go
with Google chrome.

2. Head over to : projects menu –> Kali linux –> Virtual Images.

3. Now,you will be greated with download pages for kali linux virtual images.
scroll down until you see a box with download options.

4. As I said earlier, I’m gonna use vmware workstation.So, I will go with kali linux vmware image. Unfortunately,only torrent downloads are availabe at this time .Hope alternative will come soon.
You can see in the picture below I have started downloading torrent file for kali linux.

5. Torrent file has been downloaded . Now i will download kali linux with that torrent file using torrent.

6. Download is completed. I had downloaded kali linux 2017.3 image for vmware.
You can see that in the picture below :

11. Now,lets hit ok and power on our virtual machine. A facinating process will go
on which i don’t understand a bit . Then you will be greated with login page.
Default username –> root
Passwd –> toor

What I love about vmware image is we don’t need to install vmware tools later to get full screen and it’s easy to install.But install Kali linux in vmware using iso of kali linux . Everyone has their own style πŸ™‚ .
You can even customize your kali linux your own way as your taste.But this one is my personnel favourite. ( I recommend you buy a wlan adapter (Click here to see adapter) with atherous chipset supporting monitor and AP mode ) .

Comment below if you have any confusion,feedback or problem.
Thank You πŸ™‚

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