(CFS)2 : Computer Courses Free For School Students

१० कक्षा सम्म का विद्यार्थीलाई पोखरामा निःशुल्क कम्प्यूटर तालीम । सम्पूर्ण जानकारी तल दिईएको छ ।

1) Here main feature is available for school students (up to 10th standard). CCFFSS helps students to get free computer training classes in Baba Computers, Pokhara

2) Lists of Free Courses under (CFS)are : Office Package Course, Video Editing Course, 2D Basic Game Development Course (After SEP-OCT),  Basic 2D/3D Animation Course (After SEP-OCT), Photoshop Course, Programming Course (After SEP-OCT), WordPress based Website Creating Course / Also Blogspot included,  e.t.c. (more will be added later)

3) Starting from Feb.25, 2018. (Not all courses will start from Feb 25. Basically, form will be available from Feb.25)

4) There will be SESSIONS. (Like, JAN-FEB : MAR-APR : MAY-JUN . . . so on till DEC)

5) Form available from FEB 25, is for MAR-APR intake. Form available from APR 25 will be for MAY-JUN intake.

6) Minimum number of students will get chance for training. (Meaning, there will be selection process first).

7) Let’s think, you couldn’t pass through selection of MAR-APR intake, then you can try for MAY-JUN intake and so on.

8) Training duration will be 20 days to 30 days.

9) For MAR-APR, 2018 intake, courses assigned are : (Video Editing Course +Website Design with WordPress/Blogspot Course). Complete training free of cost.

10) Students must come with their parents to fill form.

11) Seat for MAR-APR, 2018 intake is only for 15 students. (Will increase later on)

12) While filling form students must pay NPR.1000 (But after complete training this 1000 NPR. will be given back to students)

13) After training, if students want certificate, then they must face a exam. If they pass it, then they will get certificate. And if student fails exam, then they will not get certificate. Certificate fee for passed students is only NPR.500

14) If students do not want certificate, then they do not need to pay any amount.

For more details, please visit BABA COMPUTERS, Newroad Pokhara (Phone : 9846618997)